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I’m ready to manage the social media of both you and your clients. With close attention to the latest developments in analytics, SEO, PPC and with experience using all leading U.S. platforms, it is my aim to create engaging conversations that speak loudly in a massive crowd. Utilizing analytics and testing in combination with my ability to keep up with trending aesthetics and methodologies, keeps my work relevant, fresh and full of the flair needed to garner digital consumer retention.

*In acknowledgement of NDA agreements most partnerships have not been represented. However I’ve been “kickin’ it” behind the scenes of leading brands and personalities, providing digital presentation for almost ten years.

Recent Social Media Examples:


Client Alive Wellness Mag / Alive Media Inc.
Although the media group concentrates much of its social media communication on Instagram in promoting its somewhat classified list of clients and partners, Facebook is still a relevant channel appropriate to most demographics. It should be noted that the channel, originally intended for college students, now serves an predominantly older demographic.

Some recent AwMag facebook posts have made their mark, hitting upwards of 250 engagements. This is without the support of paid promotion and with little direct attention.

Facebook’s capacity to share content from other platforms automatically (and vice versa) allows the channel to be employed secondarily and with little effort. However, it’s important to delegate the appropriate channels for each connected share, in order to prevent an overload of one channels feed taking over the other. Your digital marketing campaign must be adaptable to the demographics of each channel, serving a broadened audience. Adding a link or several and tagging additional entities is always favorable and will be further discussed below. A good facebook campaign may include an engaging video, or stunning photography in addition to linked information. Affiliate partnership can be beneficial if all parties are on par to cross promote, have similar core values, a shared audience and of course an agreed upon budget and licensing agreement.

@chinchileigh Personal following at publication date: 1,797 Followers, 534
May 22 - May 28: 534 accounts reached, 736 impressions

As previously mentioned, many channels are in support of one another, allowing for a cross-sharing of content. While facebook and instagram are greatly benefited by video content, singular imagery still wins supreme in terms of numerical engagement on Instagram. This makes sense as that is the channel’s intended purpose.

With @alivewellnessmag I have personally established a feed of 260 posts with 3,070 real followers. I know when users are using bots and fake accounts as the proportions of followers and apparent engagements (“likes”) at a disproportion are a clear indicator. The average user is more keen to this tactic these days, as the practice has been advertised to the common user as methods of gaining the status of a social media influencer. For example, a user with 28.6K followers, but with posts garnering fourteen “likes” is likely using artificial methods of supplying the sense of authority that is established in having a large audience. Great social media presence is reflective of tactical and legitimate social media practices.


Adding a link or several and tagging additional entities is always favorable in general and across multiple channels. The post presented was styled to enable the promotion of five brands, which encourages each to share one another’s product, thus spreading product awareness potentially in “unintended” sectors and on other brands’ pages.

Influencers may be used (more likely in B2C versus B2B), in order to gain the audiences of those that have established a large audience base. The employment of influencers and other paid promotional methods is reflective of the nature of the business, their budget and desired goal. An influencer must be a popular figure amongst the desired demographic and represent the core values of the enterprise represented.

In summation, Instagrams’ platform allows for the direct share of users’ posts as live content, unpaid content, sponsored/paid ad with links/buttons, and can even include shoppable tags. The permutation of content type is larger than other platforms. Like metatags and keywords used to influence SEO, Instagram utilizes hashtags to connect users to the best match for a specified inquiry. These hashtags tend to crowd facebook, but greatly enhance an image or video’s reach on Instagram. The built in analytics employed by Instagram allows for targeted promotion and an analysis of reception concerning each individual post. Therefore, you can see what posts are “clicking” and what is not. Further strategy should employ what variable data suggests works.


@leighsku Personal following at publication date: Tweets: 2,235, 781 Followers, Likes 723

I’ve been using twitter since its incarnation in 2006. Dubbed originally as a sort of “micro blogging,” I have used Twitter on behalf of more than a dozen brands and personalities. Currently twitter has held less of a hold, as viewers tend to respond greater to videos and imagery. Yet, perhaps with its popular political use, Twitter remains relevant and serves a broad age demographic as an open channel.

For many, the platform has become another channel to cross promote on various platforms in a simultaneous fashion. Twitter still remains a great source for B2B and B2C exchange and should not be ignored, at least, not yet. Building trust on all fronts and by utilization of the most wide distribution of information possible at little to no cost keeps Twitter in the mix.


The example to the presented shows how linked info, retweets, direct image tweets can be used together on the twitter platform. Part of all engagement on channels such as Twitter involve a degree of seeking out your audience. Dual support and the following of entities and influencers in your desired sector can greatly enhance your ability to reach a large and diversified audience. After all, conversations are not meant to be one sided. It is important that an entity also participates in the overall conversation of the channel utilized. This lends a sense of credibility, personality and it subsequently lets consumers know that a robot is not at the other end. Engaging users and showing support for influencers and larger entities through retweets and direct address also has the potential to reach the larger audiences of popular and credible accounts.

Although I do not have examples of YouTube work I can proudly call my own, I have participated in the construction of storyboards, textual context and the general creation direction of several digital video promotions. As I realize the grasp of video and its ability to be processed with longevity in this digital age is up there, I continue to advance my personal knowledge and use of Adobe Premiere and After Effects, in addition to staying abridge of both technical and visual trends. I have worked in conjunction with media specialists that include photographers and videographers and have the ability to fully utilize YouTube to promote video content.

To view examples of full-length editorial content for the Huffington Post visit HERE.
Although credited as “associate producer,” the work presented was start to finish my own. I was responsible for all interview preparations, the art direction and every single word, first draft to final edit. The original location of these posts was on the Huffington Post’s “Taste” culinary page, which has now been regrouped as part of the media group’s blog.

Part of my ability to create great social media posts is my background and training as a graphic designer. Creating a visual impact is integral to success of many, if not all, digital strategies. To view examples of my design work visit HERE.

1. How do you see the role of B2B vs B2C in social media marketing?
Historically, B2C companies have been quicker to adopt social media strategy as the driving force behind their marketing endeavors. Some contend that businesses were historically less likely to engage in relations with other businesses via social medial because there was less capacity to track the efficacy of the interactions and pinpoint the return. However, the onset of greater analytical tools provided by popular channels has spurred more B2B interaction. That being said, each has unique modalities of interaction for the employment of various channels.

B2C requires a more intimate interaction, with the goal of creating community engagement and awareness. The target is more specific. Meanwhile, B2B keeps it a bit more professional. B2B companies are more prone to use infographics, digital press decks and while Instagram and Facebook may work best for B2B, B2C strategies greater employ Linkedin, Twitter, in addition to Facebook.

B2B marketers aim is to generate leads. This is achieved with effective web traffic and the effectiveness of online content that includes white papers, video and imagery and even editorial content, such as that presented on a company’s blog page. LinkedIn has been found to be effective in creating lead generation at a much greater rate than say Twitter and Facebook. While B2C share their product and perhaps core company values, B2B strategies showcase not only products and services, but also their expertise. The content, less informal, is curated with a grater strategic purpose. The sharing of topic specific news in a specified business sector is of greater concern to show a company’s stake in the industry as a whole. Basically, while B2C brands focus on sales, B2B strategy tends to focus more on the development of the brand and lead generation.

2. What makes a good social media strategy?

A good strategy relies on the notion that the content provides value. Social media is about creating a conversation versus pure promotion. Purely promotional material tends to read as “SPAM” or as invasive. What you want to achieve is for the viewer to see you as the “leading resource” for what they want, one they trust and feel comfortable in being a part of their story and vice versa. Links, keywords, shareable buttons (all the bells and whistles), in addition to the analysis of trends and previous strategies, are integral in creating a great social media campaign.

A protocol for crisis management should be in place that is largely homogenized. Meaning it is applicable in most situations and is actually followed. In general, using the supplied tools for publication to streamline the process is crucial. For example, using scheduling and lead generation tools to create a sense of regularity that users can depend upon. Furthermore, content should reflect trends in aesthetics and in the general media, be optimized for each platform and reflect full use of each platforms’ technical capacities. This is all done with a keen eye kept competitors’ tactics and with a continual search for innovation .

3. Why are you an “Envisionary?”

“I dream it, I work hard, I grind ‘til I own it.”

I slay it like Beyonce. At least that is always the goal, to be the best I can at what I do and to hold myself to elevated standards. Mediocre is not in my vocabulary. I work enthusiastically and with passion, never finding boredom in the realm that is digital marketing. Furthermore, I’m a goal-oriented achiever, the kind that aims for a return straight from the gate. I suppose I’m naturally strategic, detail-oriented, and analytical. I was born creative, empathetic, extremely intuitive and with a heck of a lot of drive. Like Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” I always do and always will! This is all a part of my innate marketing sensibilities, the kind that comes with an “Envisionary” vision that generates success. Caring, committed, enthusiastic and passionate… yes, yes, yes and yes I am.