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Based out of Austin, Texas since 2011, Leigh Kosloski is a creative director and marketing strategist that is able to oversee all facets of your marketing campaigns. Trained in both journalism and graphic design, with extensive experience in public relations, she captures the essence of your business in a way that translates various platforms and reaches optimal audiences.

Besides obsessively striving to create the most remarkable brand stories, Leigh has interests in music, architecture and interior design. Her passions also deeply extend into food. In 2014, she co-produced a series in conjunction with former business partner Elsa Giannakoudaki for the Huffington Post’s Taste pages, featuring celebrity foodies and chefs. As an avid practitioner of yoga and a conscientious consumer, Leigh also enjoys working with health and wellness brands and those working for greater humanitarian causes.

In her spare time Leigh teaches students of all ages classical ballet and creates promotional illustrations and merchandise for local bands and events. She is happy to be a part of the bustling marketing design and public relations community in Austin and hopes to take your brand far beyond the city limits.